Set up VPLink VPN with step by step tutorials

VPLink IOS Setup Manual   Download

Please note that VPLink IOS Client requires IOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

1. Download VPLink IOS Client from App Store

  • Open the App Store and type "VPLink" in Search.

  • Tap the download icon to start the installation.

  • After the installation, a VPLink app icon will appear on your screen.

2. Set up account and connect to VPLink

  • Open VPLink app and go to the Settings page.

  • Set up your VPLink account:

    a. Server: an IP address or domain name of VPLink access POP. Default setting is china.vplink.net.

    b. UserName: the username of your VPLink account

    c. Password: the password of your VPLink account

    d. Enable Advanced

    e. Secret: the shared key provided by VPLink. Default setting is speedervpn.

    Note: Your account information is provided by VPLink.
    All information in the screenshot below is just an example.

  • Tap the Enable button to connect to VPLink

  • Tap the Allow button to continue.

    After taking the steps above, your device can be connected to VPLink successfully.
    The status will change to Connected and a VPN icon will appear on the top of your screen.

3. Disconnect from VPLink

  • Tap the Enable button to disconnect from VPLink.
    The status will change to Disconnected and the VPN icon will disappear

4. Check the log of VPLink IOS Client

    Tap the Log button on the bottom and the log will be listed on the screen.