Set up VPLink VPN with step by step tutorials

VPLink Client Setup Wizard (Windows OS)   Download

Please note that VPLink Windows Client is compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions.
This manual introduces how to install and set up VPLink Windows Client on Window 10.
A single VPLink subscription can be used simultaneously on three different devices.

1. Launch the installer VPLink Setup.exe and follow the program to finish the installation

    a. Click VPLink Setup.exe to launch the installer

    b. Click Next >

    c. Select an installation location for VPLink and click Next >

    d. Enable Create a desktop icon if desired and click Next >

    e. Click Next >

    f. Click Install

    g. After the installation has been completed, click Finish

2. Run VPLink and configure VPN settings

    a. Right click VPLink icon and click Run as administrator

    b. Click the Settings Icon and configure VPN in General Settings

    c. Enter your VPN server information (domain name and port of VPLink Server) , select UDP and click OK

      VPN Server: china.vplink.net

      Port: 12292

    d. Enter your username and password to login;

      i. Note: The username and password will be sent to your email box by VPLink after registration.

    e. Click Connect. A confirmation notification will appear if your PC has connected to VPLink successfully.